Wood Carports

Wood Carports have a very wide range of appeal for prospective buyers, especially home owners looking to add both form and function to their landscape. For a professional carport assembler, wood is a very pliable and forgiving creative substance that allows for a large variety of different decorative looks and finishes that can create a plethora of different appearances and styles, so the possibilities are really endless for a professional carport builder who wants to flex his or her creative muscles. For the novice carport builder wood is a flexible, affordable, satisfying and easy material to work with, because you can always get a fresh piece of timber to correct your mistakes or changes you want to make.

Wood carports will more often than not win out over a typical metal carport based on its appearance hands down due to the personalized and old world craftsmanship of the medium to begin with, wooden carports tend to have a warmer and more personalized quality about them. Attractive posts and bindings along with classy looking facades can really add that extra bit of style and sophistication to a carport project. There are some specific types of woods with unique grain patterns and textures that would make the design of your carport stand out and raise the value of itself and the surrounding property. Like any house as well, there are a ton of different treatments and finishes available to make your carport look like an extension of your home through the use of similar paint and trimmings.

There are plenty of different wood types to choose from as well as different wood carport kits to choose from, but I advise picking soft wood like oregon wood or a treated pine timber. The reason is because they are often a lot easier to work with and shape, they tend to cut easier as well. Another reason is that these wood types also have the bonus of being durable and light weight if they are protected properly by a quality finishing like a good wood sealant or paint. One of the downsides you have to keep in mind though when dealing with wood carports is the overall size of the profile. It’s pretty typical to see 12 inch by 2 inch wooden beams spanned across a double carport length, and while this can be a real plus as a design feature it requires extra planning so it doesn’t look out of place. Wood carport design is one of the easiest and best ways to get into crafting your own carport whether you’re a novice or a professional.

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  1. I live in Asheville, N.C. This past summer, I bought from Harbor Tools a canoped car port. I just wanted something to keep the rain/snow etc off my car and me and relatively inexpensive. First off, the bungie cords it came with, rotted off within 2 months, we had high winds and I was literally holding it down so it wouldn’t fly awayuntil addtional help arrived. We Secured it better, then we had snow and it colapsed on my car! Needless to say…. I am unhappy with a tarp/portable car port! (Also saw steel/alum. car ports colapse too!) So don’t want one of those now either! Any idea where to find a simple wooden carport kit that won’t cost me an arm and a leg? Thanks!