Timber Carports

Timber carports or custom made wood shelters used for storing cars, have gained considerable popularity, especially among many of those who are not privileged to own a standard garage. These functional, and well built carports are easy to build and could be actually be put to various kinds of uses. People who have to keep their cars in the driveway find it extremely difficult to cope with fluctuating and rough weather conditions like snow and rain at times which can damage and reduce the longevity of car, especially in harsher climates. A timber carport can provide protection to their car at an affordable cost, without the requirement of any kind of planning permission from the local government.

Those who wish to use their garage to some other kind of function like building a small makeshift gym or a small store room or office can go ahead without much concern on where to keep their car or equipment now. In the UK for example, installation has become particularly easy with UK government’s amendment of town planning regulations. Since carports are often temporary structures in design, prior approval of an engineer or architect is not required anymore for installation provided there is a space of one meter or more between the building and the boundary wall for a single storied house, and total floor area is less then 30 square meters. However, other norms and normal building regulations need to be complied with at the time of building the home. Diverse ranges of timber carports are available today to cater to the tastes of those who want a stylish and the classy look.

Timber frame carports and wood frame carports come in various beautiful designs and wood types so that you can match wood to wood with your home or surroundings. Apart from serving as a utility item, it can add a different dimension of style to any home. Deluxe timber carports are built with the best quality material that can withstand the worst weather conditions so they offer real protection, look good, and are easy to install. Timber frame carports are very durable and flexible because of a lot of meticulous woodwork. A Salisbury woodwork timber frame carport for example, is a beautifully made carport, which not only is durable but adds some classic style and elegance to an otherwise utilitarian structure.

Wood frame carports on the other hand, are preferred for their versatility and could be built any time at any possible size. The construction of a wood frame carport could at times be done by a single person with the help of easy to follow instruction manuals and timber carport plans. Timber carports really are the most sought after for their durability since they are constructed and processed with materials like aluminum and steel parts sometimes as well to reinforce the wood structure.

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