Post And Beam Carport

A post and beam carport can provide the homeowner with many benefits. A carport has a variety of functions, from protecting vehicles from wind, rain, and hail, to providing much needed shade to both cars and people on a hot, sunny day. Carports can be a great choice for homeowners because they are usually less costly to build than garages, and the simplest plans can be built by the homeowner rather than a contractor, all you need is a carport kit that comes with some carport posts and carport beams and your good to go.

Post and beam carports are very common because of their attractiveness and relative ease to build. Post and beam carports are usually made of wood, but can also be of aluminum or steel. All carport material needs to be weather-proof or weather-resistant, including wood. Consumers designing and building their own carports need to ensure that the materials they choose will withstand years of rain and snow. These carports consist of several large vertical posts, which are secured to a flat surface, usually a concrete pad. Beams are then used and secured to the posts in various ways to create the roof or cover of the carport. The height and shape of the roof will be determined by the vehicle it will protect.

Consumers can purchase post and beam carports in kits, which include most of the material necessary as well as the plans and building instructions. Before building a post and beam carport, the homeowner should decide how big the carport needs to be, how it will look on the property with other existing buildings such as the house, and what his construction budget will be. He also needs to assure proper clearance for the vehicle that will be kept in the carport. Boats, RVs, and other large vehicles will need taller roofs, and more space for entry and exit. Post and beam carport plans are available in many designs, making it easy to choose one that fits their needs.

Additionally, the homeowner needs to apply for any needed permits required for building the carport. Some cities do not require permits, but many do, so it is important for the homeowner to know what his city requires before he begins building. Basic post and beam carport structures can also be used for more than vehicle protection. With minor adjustments such as the addition of screened sides, they can become screened porches, which the homeowners can enjoy for many years. For a homeowner looking for a cost effective way to provide shelter to vehicles or people, a post and beam carport may be the perfect choice.

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