Portable Carport Canopy

A portable carport canopy can help you out with temporary shelter for your car, recreational vehicles, boats and more. Canopy carports can also offer shelter or shade for any out door event you may have big or small. There are small canopies and very large ones that can fit a wedding underneath. The easy assembly can be done in most cases under an hour leaving you time to relax and enjoy yourself.

There are some different styles of portable carport canopies. The house style, rounded, barn, and valance style canopies can be made of canvas, nylon, or a plastic with reinforced nylon. Usually portable carport canopy kits have aluminum or plastic pipe frames that slip together easily and fasteners for the cover. The sizes range from a 10×20 to 17×27, additional sizes are available for commercial uses. They come in multiple colors and some have detachable panels for protection in rain or cold weather storage.

Portable carport canopies are perfect to park your car underneath to help it stay cool during the summer months. The larger sizes can fit two cars underneath and there are various heights available to accommodate your boat on the trailer. They make fantastic weather protectors for your recreational vehicles and boats, saving you that monthly storage fee you normally pay out. Some businesses utilize carports as a great place for temporary storage during their busy season to protect excess inventory or equipment. Make sure to secure the frame to the ground so that unexpected weather will not compromise the structure.

Summer BBQ’s and picnics are also perfect for portable carport canopy covers to be used. Back yard graduation parties, outdoor weddings, pool side shade, shade at the soccer or base ball field, are all examples of the variety of uses for a portable carports that are endless. The quick set up time and size of the canopies can keep your food and guests under shade and comfortable for hours. A portable carport canopy can be a great year around solution to your vehicle protection. The other uses for carports are so varied it would be beneficial for you to have one for any family function. The cost is so affordable, and portable carport kits can be found at department stores, do it yourself hardware stores, and online. Many colors are available and roof styles, so choose your favorite color and set it up for the family BBQ and enjoy!

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