Hip Roof Carport

A hip roof carport design is an attractive way to expand your home and provide practical protection for a car, boat, RV or for picnicking. A Hip roof is different from a gable roof. Hip roof carports have a unique roof line. Like a gable roof the hip roof has a ridge line, but this ridge line does not extend the full length of the carport. Think of a triangle shaped gable end. Now, lay that triangle over at a thirty degree angle in relation to the ground.

A gable stands perpendicular to the ground or at a ninety degree angle in relation the ground. The hip roof creates an attractive roof line that can be quite low and very strong. The hips push the roof load into the longer side spans. This gives the hip roof great strength. Snow load and wind storms will not easily destroy a hip roof, making it a good choice for those whom live in windswept climates. The hip roof fits in nicely with modern architecture that is common throughout America.

A ranch home is an example of early modern architecture that manifests itself from an affordable small single family home and can be found as an element within an elaborate estate. The hip roof carport certainly will add dimension and value to you existing hip roof home. The hip roof offers practical and flexible solutions for your household needs. The hip can be sized accordingly. The upright support structure can be made from a variety of materials to match your home.

A homeowner will find it convenient to enclose all or part of the hip roof carport. You could choose a corner and enclose a small portion to house garden implements or a grill. You could incorporate counter tops that run along one side of the carport to provide a partial enclosure while maximizing useful storage space or grilling and eating space. The hip roof carport can be an attached style so that it will appear to be a continuation of the house, or it can be a freestanding element giving the allusion of a mini estate. Concerning aesthetics, colors and material choices with a hip roof carport is wide open. Brick, stone, metal, wood, and shingles are a few common options available to the homeowner. A carport that matches the existing home will generally add more value to the home than a carport that does not.

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