Carport Trusses

Carport trusses add strength and stability to your carport structure, allowing it to handle heavier loads. This is important when the protection of your precious boat, truck, car, or off-road vehicle, depends on the strength of your carport. With strong metal and trusses that are shaped from metal tubing, your carport will stand for decades.

Although your requirements due to design and space will be unique, using a collar tie with a post brace, or a collar tie with what is referred to as web bracing, will not provide you with the strongest support for your carport. Using truss bracing is still the best option to stand up to high wind or heavy snow. Wider structures will almost always benefit from carport trusses.

Steel carport trusses can be custom manufactured to your specifications by most companies. Before you spend any money though, take measurements for your carport trusses yourself, or be sure to have someone visit the building site. Carport Trusses can take some time to order, and might be more expensive, so getting it right the first time is vital. This is especially true if you use a custom shop to weld metal or steel carport trusses.┬áDo-it-yourselfer’s may prefer to check the local Home Depot or Lowe’s first. Depending on where you live, the two do-it-yourself superstores may have the metal carport trusses you need, and if you get the measurements wrong the first time, their return policies will be a lot more forgiving.

If you are an old pro or a professional, you can find numerous deals by searching for your trusses online. Try Craigslist where the sellers post great pictures and exact measurements, and will always leave a phone number with their ad if you have any questions. Buying a used carport truss does not mean it will not last, just be sure to check the fit on site before you hand over your cash. Shopping for your trusses, this way could save you hundreds of dollars.

A carport can be a valuable asset to protect your vehicles from harsh sun and winter storms, but it can also be an attractive addition to your home. Pick a design and color that matches your home and you have just increased the value of your home. Carport trusses are a great way to add the most strength and stability to your structure, but as with any construction, be sure to adhere to local building requirements, and check them before you start to build.

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