Carport Extensions

Carport extensions are necessary for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you did not build the carport large enough in the first place, or maybe you have a new vehicle and need extra room. Depending on your knowledge and abilities, extending an existing carport might be just as difficult as building one from scratch! Fortunately, there are DIY kits and plans available for remodeling carports, thus you can eliminate some of the guesswork with the right instructions.

Your first step is to determine the width. How much room do you want to cover? How much space will there be between the existing wall and extended wall once you build it? You might find it helpful to install some outer posts, and then build the wall or beam to run parallel with the existing structure. For some ideas, look at carport extension plans for building a single carport into a double carport.

It is also important to order the same materials and supplies used for your existing carport. If you are happy with the current materials, then order more from the same manufacturer. If you want to remodel as well as expand, you can order from a different manufacturer—especially if you are not satisfied with the current build. Whether you need aluminum or other metal carport extension materials, make sure they are durable and high quality.

When working on your project, get an accurate measurement of the roof. Whether you want to extend the structure horizontally or vertically, the roof will be affected. It needs to be built just right in order for water to fall off properly. You need to raise the rafters up on the existing roof, even if the extended beams are built at the same height as the existing beams.

When extending the roof, cut all the rafters and nail them into place. Try to install them onto 16” centers so that the roof will be sturdy. Also, put ½” decking plywood on the rafters so that shingling will be applicable. When applying the shingles, start at the low end and work your way up to the top of the existing roof. When you reach the top, raise the old shingles and slide the new ones underneath to prevent leakage. Carport extensions are not hard to do, just as long as you have a good set of plans, the right materials, and instructions. Make sure measurements are 100% accurate so that your efforts are not in vain. One wrong measurement will mess up the entire project. If you are not comfortable with undertaking such a project on your own, or experience any problems whatsoever, you should ask a professional builder for help or for advice.

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