Carport Doors

Carport doors range from sliding doors, to decorative yet practical lattice work, to attractive wood doors in numerous designs. The benefits of a carport garage door include hiding any clutter you keep there, and protecting your valuable goods from bad weather.

There are many options available for carport doors on the market and with automatic openers and roll-up options, buying one of these will be equivalent to having a carport with garage door. Of the two types of automatic carport doors, sliding and roll-up, the choice comes down to individual preference. While sliding doors may be more attractive to some, a roll-up carport garage door may have less of a tendency to come off the tracks and need repair in the future. As with the sliding door option, roll-up garage doors integrate with the carport structure.

Still, a sliding carport door is a very secure addition that mounts to the overhead beams of the carport and has lap joints for additional strength. What material should your carport doors be made of? You may find wood more attractive, but consider that over time wooden doors will need maintenance. Wooden doors exposed to varying weather conditions will shrink and swell, which could cause leakage in heavy rains. However, they may be more cost-efficient if you are fairly handy and willing to make them yourself.

Choosing a steel door will reduce the chances of damage due to weathering, and will be lighter and easier to open. Measure carefully though, or have a professional come out and do it. It would be a shame to purchase your door only to have to return it or be stuck with it because of a poor fit.

Once you have decided on the material for your carport door, there are several places you can shop for them. The first choice may be Home Depot or Lowe’s, but other good resources include local manufacturers or small shops, or even individual contractors. To take care of this project yourself, pick up a how-to guide on installing your carport door, and consider looking at Craigslist or Ebay to save some money on your purchase. Many times the seller will be local if it is Craigslist, and can offer their advice based on their own experiences. If you would prefer a professional, many small businesses advertise on Craigslist as well. Ultimately, your carport doors should blend in nicely with the rest of the structure and be of a quality that will last for years to come.

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