Carport Dimensions

Carport dimensions for a single car or truck are between 10 and 12 feet wide by 20 or 24 feet long. Double carport dimensions for two cars or trucks are around double the above quoted width. 24 feet by 24 feet is typical. There is a few interesting designs on the market that include a dome model that accommodates three cars and has space in back of the cars for a workshop.

This design starts out at about a 30 foot diameter. They get bigger than this too! To figure out the appropriate carport dimension to suit your needs you must decide on how you will use the carport. If it is to protect your daily driver then you should include a reasonable amount of space on either side of the car or cars to allow for the doors to swing open freely. It is no fun banging doors every time you get into the car.

Do you want extra space for working or storing other items? If extra space is necessary than the measurements should be added to the overall dimensions that you figured for the original purposes. Check with the manufacturer if you plan on pouring a concrete pad. The measurement of the pad is critical and can effect installation if you are opting for a kit or prefabricated model. A 2 car carport dimensions will be a minimum of 24 feet. You can make it as big as you like, the bigger the better.

The extra space can always be used for something, and the extra space will provide a better protection. An open design has limited ability to protect from wind driven rain and this is why people often choose to install wall panels. A wall panel will give you better protection, privacy, and a bit more protection against thieves and hooliganism. Custom designs can really be made to whatever specifications your situation requires. A good builder or manufacturer will work with you to meet your needs. Do not be afraid to shop around a bit. It is possible to bargain and it is a good idea to inform a manufacturer’s salesperson that another business offers a better deal for something similar. This gives the salesperson the chance to show you how his product is better. Perhaps he will even cut you a deal just to get your business. A tough economy is a buyer’s delight. If you have the means use it to your advantage.

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